Gimli is my spirit animal.


So anyone wonder what happened to the Fellowship?

Apparently Aragorn is a con man in Two Faces of January.

Gandalf is now a 93 year old Sherlock Holmes.

Frodo is hanging out with his precocious dog Wilfred.

Gimli is spending time in Metal Hurlant Chronicles.


Time on We Heart It.

I’m reading ‘The Tale of the Children of Húrin’. This is one of the most beautiful drawing of Alan Lee in the book.


Do you ever just sit down and think to yourself, "I am so glad that Tolkien ended up naming them Noldor instead of Gnomes. So. Very. Glad."


In the wake of the Battle of the Five Armies, Middle Earth is being rebuilt and peace reigns… Mostly.
Darkness is rising in the North and Sauron has returned to Mordor, awaiting the time the one ring shall rise.

Come and join us in Middle Earth, though all may not be as you expect. What happens when the endings you thought you know are no longer as they were? Who will rise? Who will fall? Will darkness reign in Middle Earth once more?
With the characters known and loved available to you, there are also characters of our creation and we welcome new inhabitants of our world to be created! We are accepting applications and officially open! 

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“I love you.”
“I know.”

Jesus fuck those are exactly the words unsaid in this scene.

my heart aches